Call for 60 sec Sonic Material by Institute of viral sonology

Hugo Paquete / Institute of viral sonology / 2012This call consists of exploring the potentiality of the computer as an automatic machine to generate compositional material and aesthetics content based on stochastic probabilities.

60 second files
6 composers collaborators 
6 minute compositions
12 tracks

Connecting and collecting sound material from different collaborators without prior selection. Constructing a social and artistic possibility to generate aesthetic content based on the power of computer algorithmic to compose in a randomatic aesthetic.

Thanks to all collaborators,
Institute of viral sonology
Director: Hugo Paquete.

Participants in the call:
Emidio Castro, Maeshell West-davies, Erica Frota, Sergio, Miguel Ogoshi, Unknill

The computer

Institute of viral sonology
Director and concept: Hugo Paquete

Year: 2012